“An Evening for Jacquline”, a benefit show to support 6 year old Jacquline Steves’ continued fight with Ewing’s Sarcoma (an aggressive form of bone cancer), took place Saturday night, March 15, 2008, at Jacques North Shore Bistro.

The event was a great success, and was attended by almost 400 people from all over the island of Maui. The Steves family, including young Jacquline, were in attendance as the evening’s guests of honor. The event raised over $7,000 in donations at the door. In addition to cash, well wishers brought get well cards, drawings from their children, teddy bears and gifts for Jacquline.

One of Maui’s top pro surfer’s, Ian Walsh, donated his surf board, which was auctioned to an enthusiastic crowd to raise even more money. Vince Steves, Jacquline’s dad, thanked the crowd with a heartfelt speech, and said that even though Jacquline had just completed an intensive year of chemotherapy treatments and surgeries, she was “doing great!”

The Maui community came dressed in their best, and danced the night away to great music by The Faux Pas’, Ben Meyer, and the Bone House Band. An emotional point in the evening came when a slideshow dedicated to Jacquline was played to the music of the Beatle’s “Let it Be”. It was a true reminder of why we were all there, and left very few dry eyes in the house. “An Evening for Jacquline” will certainly be a Paia night to be remembered.

100% of the donations were delivered to the Steves’ home on Monday, and the family is grateful for the continued support they receive from the Maui community.

If you would like to help the Steves family and want to donate, please visit Jacquline’s website: 4jacquline.com