ABoards Kiteboarding is looking for a beautiful kite girl to become their public face and join the ABoards Fashion Team for travel, ads and promo campaigns, including but not limited to footage, posters and banners.


You have to be a female kiteboarder or you must have a plan to start practicing kiteboarding in the near future.

Contest Dates:

Contest is open from Feb 8 through April 8, 2008 in two stages:

· February 8th – to March 25th Window for candidates to post their photos & answers to the nine questions below.

· March 26th – April 8th a poll by Toby will be created on kiteforum.com where users will vote for their favorite contest participant to award the “Most Popular” nomination. In case of equal number of votes for “Most popular”, the lottery will be drawn by organizers.

At the end of the contest, ABoards Kiteboarding will choose one girl for “Fashion Prize”.


“Most Popular” Prize – kiteboard of choice from ABoards Kiteboarding 2008 collection

Fashion Prize – join the ABoards Fashion Team for a trip and cooperation with ABoards Kiteboarding for media program.

Disclaimer: There is no limitation on understanding and taste of what is beauty or what constitutes a photo of a beautiful kite girl. However any abusive, pornographic or illegal photos or information is prohibited, will be deleted and its authors will be sanctioned.