This book is about the community of kite surfers  around Washington, D.C., the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean on the East coast of the United States written by French kiteboarder Jacques Bure. In it, he tried to describe those anonymous kiters who loves the sport and spend time checking the weather forecast hoping to drive to the shore and rig their kite no matter what. This book is about friendship and life. He wanted to report on the myriad of kitesurfing sessions he has had with the friends he met when he arrived in the States four years ago.

Jacque’s goal is to gradually organize an engine to raise funds for autism in Montgomery county. This book is a trial. Till January 11 the book is on sale without any profit US$21 for the soft copy-this is the cost of production from the blurb.com guys. But starting on January 12, he will add a US$10 on the price and the benefits will be channeled for this cause.

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