sssportsnewwebsite.jpg is now online with tons of new features including:

  • Slingshot Webisodes: 3-5 minute length videos on products, action riding, tips
  • Fine Tuning with R&D: sneak peak look into the Slingshot R&D world, early previews on new product and advanced tuning tech of your gear
  • Trixtionary:  library of hosted videos 3-5 minutes of Slingshot Global Kite Team Riders Mark Doyle, Ben Wilson and others explaining step by step how to execute a particular trick or move
  • The Mechanics Room with Alex B. from Airtime: In the form of 3-5 minute videos, Alex will explain everything having to do with gear maintenance from how to properly check and stretch your lines to how to properly wind up your bar
  • Team Blogs
  • Customer Product Reviews
  • An enhanced gallery section and detailed explanation /imagery of every product Slingshot makes

Check out all the new bells and whistles at