The Kiteboarder has taken the online magazine to a whole new level this issue by integrating audio clips, videos, podcasts, video webcasts and product info into the pages of the PDF. Our new, highly interactive magazine is now even more packed with information, entertainment, tools and resources that bring you straight to the source with the click of your mouse.

audiocaptionicon2.gif Click on the “Audio Caption Icon” to listen to Kim Kern talk about shooting the cover shot.

To best utilize The Kiteboarder’s new interactive format, download the online version of the magazine and save it to your desktop.
This will allow you to cruise the PDF and open the links in another browser. Look for the new icons!


Click on the videocast link for exclusive interviews and video (exclusive videocast icon)


Check out the most recent videos from the web and brands (watch video now icon)


Listen to in-depth podcast interviews on new gear, travel, instructional and more (listen to podcast icon)


Hear what went on behind the photo or the story behind the story (audio captions icon)

moreresources1.gif producticonsmall.gif

Go directly to the source for more product info and updates. (product information and more resources icons)

You can also click on any URL or email address within the magazine for more info on places, events and gear.

Make sure to look out for AUDIO CAPTIONS from Ruben Lenten, Jason Slezak, Damien LeRoy, Dimitri Maramenides and more!