Ocean Rodeo

Product: Sessions Harness

Size(s): S to XL

From the Manufacturer:or_harnesses.gif

In the design process for 2 years, the Session Harness is a mix of ideas and concepts from our experience in kiteboarding, skydiving, and hang gliding. If you have been unfortunate enough to have a harness fail while kiting you will understand our mission to create the toughest, safest harness ever conceived.

The Kiteboarder Report:

The Sessions Harness really impressed us. Coming from strictly waist harness background, each of us were very hesitant to try the Sessions. However, upon preliminary investigation we quickly realized we were dealing with a unique product unlike any seat harness we have seen before. We tested over a period of a few weeks and were amazed with the comfort and support. The best way to describe the Sessions is a bomb proof hybrid seat harness. If you really want to break it down, the Sessions is a waist harness with leg straps, minus the typical diaper of traditional harnesses. OR spent a lot of time designing the leg straps so they don’t ride up. Even cooler, you have the option to remove them completely. The overall construction and support of the Sessions is rock solid and the harness even comes with a knife. Another interesting feature is the buckle covers to prevent lines from getting tangle. They even added a leash quick release that is conveniently placed next to your spreader bar. If you are a seat or waist harness fan looking for a more comfortable alternative, be sure to check out the Sessions. Any seat harness rider needs to take a closer look at this product.

Report Card

Spreader Bar System: Comes stock with spreader bar and pad, Excellent

Accessories: Built in leash quick release and knife,Excellent

Stays in one place: Leg straps prevent it from riding up, Excellent

Back Support: Comfy back support, Above Average

Flexibility: Supportive yet flexible, Above Average

Comfort: Very comfortable fit, Excellent

Overall Quality: Bombproof, Excellent