Liquid Force

Product: Luxury Waist Harness

Size(s): XS to XL

From the Manufacturer:lf_harness.gif

LF’s Pro Harness has been specifically designed to stay low on the back and to not ride up, even when under extreme upward force. The molded structure of the harness naturally keeps its ergonomic designed shape, to insure proper fit throughout the life of the harness. A super durable universal shaped harness hook makes turning your kite while hooked in even easier and gives you a secure solid hold with no slippage. One of the main features of the new harness is the left and right side quick release for the handle pass leash. When in trouble simply pull the left or the right side release loop to separate yourself from the kite.

The Kiteboarder Report:

The Luxury Waist Harness is exactly what the name implies. LF did an excellent job rebuilding their harness for 2007. We tested the Luxury over several weeks and were surprised at how comfortable and flexible it remained while not riding up. The harness gives you great support, but the low profile back lets you move and does not feel like you are wearing a back brace. The molded spreader bar pad is a great addition and helps keep the spreader bar hook in place. The built in handle pass leash is a very cool addition and comes complete with a very easy to use quick release. The overall construction and padding is plush and can compete with any top of the line harness. If you are looking for a more low profile harness that offers function, flexibility, and comfort that won’t ride up, then you should try out the Luxury.

Report Card

Spreader Bar System: Comes stock with spreader bar and pad, Above Average

Accessories: Built in quick release handlepass system, Above Average

Stays in one place: Comfortable and wont ride up, Excellent

Back Support: Solid back support, Above Average

Flexibility: Low profile back makes it easy to move around in, Excellent

Comfort: Lots: of padding and fits very snug, Excellent

Overall Quality: Can hold its own with the best, Excellent