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Product: Legend

Size: 163cm x 44cm
Fins: 5

From the Manufacturer:

This year the Legend comes out with a new shape in 163 x 44 and two inline straps. It provides even greater surf feelings. Its program combines the advantages of a directional for carving and of a twin tip so you don’t have to jibe allowing you to remain reactive on the spot. Very comfortable and with great upwind performance in twin tip configuration, this does not prevent you from jibing thanks to the inline straps. On the water you cannot tell if you are on a surfboard or a twin tip as it is awesome in any style.

The Kiteboarder Report:

Straight out of the box, the Legend looks like a bad ass little wave weapon. The outline of the board, with its slight swallow tail and tri-fin configuration, seems like the perfect wave set up. The nose of the board has a small step and two additional fins, so the board can be ridden switch. The overall construction of the board is that of your typical epoxy style surfboard along with the thickness and rail shape. We tested the Legend while moderately powered on an 11m in 2-3 foot slop surf. The inline straps were easy to get into, but it took us a little while to get used to the feel of the board. Once on a plane, the forward fins immediately started to track and drove the board upwind with little effort. Each of us tried to ride the board switch with little success, but the five fin configuration made toe side riding very easy. The Legend is literally a cross between a surfboard and a twin tip. While the forward fins help it track very well, you lose the ability to drive the board straight up the lip like a traditional surfboard. Removing the forward fins would most likely solve this problem and loosen the board up. Overall, the Legend is a great board for someone looking to transition into the surf or someone looking for a light wind weapon to add to their quiver.

Board Review

Durability: Solid epoxy style construction, Above Average

Weight: A little on the heavy side, Average

Turning: Turns efficiently, Average

Pop: Very little pop, but it’s not made to pop, Average

Upwindability: Goes upwind like a machine, Excellent

Straps and pads: Monopad and soft symmetrical straps, Excellent

Fins: 3 fins in the back 2 in the front, Above Average

Overall Ride: Smooth, upwind board, Average