Liquid Forcelf_fullkite.gif

Product: Havoc

Type of Kite: Hybrid SLE

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14m

From the Manufacturer: The Havoc is LF’s freestyle driven bridled supported kite. The Havoc’s design is based on a newer and more powerful C-shaped ARC design. The Havoc’s new static wingtip pulley induces a fast yet powerful turn that does not distort the kite’s profile. The line and bridle setup is designed to automatically put the kite into the correct launching position. The slightly flatter arch of the Havoc, combined with the Leading Edge supporting bridle, gives the Havoc an extended wind range when compared to that of a normal C-kite.

The Kiteboarder Report:

We were able to test both the 8 and the 12 Havoc over a few windy days. Straight out of the bag, the first thing we noticed was the Union single point inflation, which is new for LF this year. The kite pumped up hard and stayed that way. Construction looked solid and LF paid attention to details, even including Velcro straps to secure the bridle to prevent it from becoming tangled when you roll up your kite. The bar is a huge step forward for LF over last year’s model. The 07 bar is incredibly simple and clean. The depower adjustment is located below the bar and is easy to use. The adjustable stopper allows you to set the lf_kitefeature.gifamount of depower to your preference — pull it down to ride powered or push it up to allow full depower. Once in the air, we immediately noticed the almost complete lack of bar pressure. This takes a few sessions to get used to and you might get fooled into thinking that the kite doesn’t produce much power. Once you are used to it, the low bar pressure is a pleasure. Riding this kite all day doesn’t leave you with sore elbows like many bridled kites. The Havoc turns and feels more like a C-kite than a bow and remains very stable when unhooked. Compared to some other bridled kites, it doesn’t lose very much power when it’s turned hard. Overall, the Havoc is a great package for riders who like performance of C-kites but wants the extra range and easy relaunch of a bridled kite.

Inflation System: Single Point Union Inflation, very easy to use, Above Average

Control Bar: No pulleys, very clean, Excellent

Control Bar Accessories: Nice adjustable stopper, easy to remove donkey dick, Excellent

Safety System: Multiple leash attachments for various levels of riders, Above Average

Bridle: Standard length with pulleys mounted to wingtips, Average

Stability: Very stable, Above Average

Power: Steady, smooth power, Above Average

Turning: Moderately fast for its size, Average

Pop: C-kite like pop and lots of hang time, Excellent

Bar Pressure: Barely noticeable, Excellent

Depower: Average depower, Average

Relaunch: Relaunches with little effort, Excellentlf_bar.gif

Durability: Solid Construction, Above Average

Kite Bag: Stylish backpack, enough room, Above Average

Pump: Standard kite pump, Average


Stand Out Features:

Clean, Simple Bar: The Havoc Bar is among the cleanest on the market. The depower adjustment is below the bar and the adjustable depower stopper works perfectly.

Very Little Bar Pressure: When flying the Havoc, you immediately feel that the kite has very little bar pressure. You don’t have to strain your arms to hold the bar down or turn the kite.

C-Kite Turning: The Havoc handles more like a C-kite than a bow. It generates a steady pull and doesn’t lose power when turning.