Product: Yarga Hybrid SLE

Type of kite: Hybrid

Specs: 7, 9, 11, 13m

From the manufacturer: The new Yarga Hybrid SLE is a high performance, extended depower C-kite, that gives riders 4-line, 5th line and SLE style micro-bridle set up and performance options. Available with three different rigging options, relaunch and depower set-ups, the Yarga is for riders who want to throw the most powered unhooked loops and require the feel and handling of a C-kite. If you want the flexibility of multiple kite styles, hardcore competition- tuned handling, and ease of use, then give it a try.

The Kiteboarder Report:

We were very excited to test the Yarga Hybrid SLE. The first day we tried to test it we quickly realized the Yarga Hybrid’s are smaller than they are sized. The Yarga 9m was more like a 7 or 8m. We were underpowered and unimpressed, but the overall construction of the kite was rock solid. Luckily the wind kicked in, and we gave it another shot. The interesting thing about the Yarga Hybrid is that you have several options on how to hook it up. You can connect your lines to the bridle or directly up to the kite. Also, there are six different knots for fine tuning. Our first run, we hooked up to the bridle. With a few adjustments, our opinion of the Yarga completely changed. The kite had light bar pressure, plenty of power and turned into a really fun kite. The shape of the kite is similar to a C, but the cool thing is it has the depower ability of a bow. After an hour, we changed over to the direct hook up. Again, with a few adjustments, the Yarga Hybrid turned into a new kite. The bar pressure increased a little, but so did the performance. The power range, lift and turning speed was very impressive. The direct hookup gave the feel of a C-kite, but with the depower of a traditional bow. The kite relaunched on both platforms without fail. Best uses the same bar system for both the Yarga and the Waroo. The control bar is very clean, has all the amenities of a first class bar and even comes with a very nice leash. Overall, the Yarga Hybrid is a great package that gives the user plenty of options. Beginners will really like the light bar pressure and depower ability and advanced riders will love the lift and turning untitled-1-copy.gifspeed for kite loops and wave riding. Because of the variety of line hookup settings, make sure to test the different knots. The kite performance will dramatically increase when you find that magic spot. Hybrid is the perfect name for this kite as anyone looking for the best of both the SLE and C-kite worlds will really like the Yarga Hybrid SLE.


Inflation System: One pump and very efficient, Above Average

Control Bar: Simple and well thought out, Above Average

Control Bar Accessories: Stopper ball and Stiffy disk equipped, Excellent

Safety System: Outside line and chicken loop kill , Excellent

Bridle: Short bridle or direct hook up–lots of variety, Above Average

Stability: Stable and well balanced, Above Average

Power: Steady power, Above Average

Turning: Turns on a dime, Excellent

Pop: Loves to jump, Excellent

Bar Pressure: Low bar pressure with bridle, medium without, Above Average

Depower: Tons of range, Excellentbest_bar.gif

Relaunch: Easy to relaunch on both platforms, Above Average

Durability: Solid construction, Above Average

Kite Bag: Lots of room, Above Average
Pump: It’s a pump, Average

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Standout Features:

  1. Hybrid Attachment Design: The Yarga Hybrid SLE is an extremely versatile kite and can be flown 4-line or 5-line. The change up is very simple and allows you to tune the kite to your liking. If you do buy this kite, make sure to test out the variety of attachment settings.

  1. EZ-PUMPTM Total Inflation System: The new one pump system is very easy to use and a convenient addition. The input valve screws in and out for easy inflation and deflation.

  1. Profile Shaper Battens and Trailing Edge Battens : Best added several fiberglass battens and trailing edge battens that are designed to help reinforce the profile of the kite and to increase the turning speed. The fiberglass battens are lightweight and can easily be replaced if broken.