If you’re flying on holiday with your kit, you should visit Oceansource.net, a website that brings together many airlines’ official policies about traveling with a kitesurfing kit. You can quickly see how much equipment you can take, how much it’ll cost you, and how much hassle to expect.

The site exists because airline companies have unique policies regarding the transport of water-sports gear. Oceansource.net will help you avoid undue stress during check-in.

But to make the site really useful, it needs your help. Oceansource.net has a section where real passengers can report what actually happened when they tried to check in their kit. So if you’ve ever flown with a kit, please log on and leave feedback on the airlines you’ve used. Once enough people do so, everyone will be able to find the kitesurf-friendly airlines and avoid the ones that treat us like cash machines in board shorts.

Oceansource.net is free and easy to use. It’s currently reviewing 110 airlines, but this figure is growing all the time.

Check the site out now at www.oceansource.net