Day 3 – PKRA – KiteXtreme Brazil World Cup 2007

Greeting the third day of the KiteXtreme Brazil 2007 kiteboarding competition is yet another warm, sunny weather condition with occasional cloud cover but today, the wind blew much stronger providing the much needed fuel for some spectacular kiteboarding action. The air temperature was at a low of 25°C (77° F) in the morning and maxed out at a punishing 36° Celsius (96.8° Fahrenheit) particularly during mid-day. The side-onshore wind averaged 15 knots (4 bft.) and started out strong from the start of the competition around 13:00h and was still blowing hard until after the games finished at 17:30h.


Men’s Double

The men’s double kicked off the third day of extreme kiteboarding competition here in Piaui Brazil with the start of Heat #19. Tom Court (North, UK) regained confidence and restarted his event chances with a win over Dominican Republic champ Emmanuel Rondon (EH), nailing a kiteloop slim, mobe and switched mobe. Rondon’s regular to switched mobe and kiteloop handle pass weren’t enough for the judges to satisfy a win. In the second set of the same heat, another Dominican Republic and EH rider, Ariel Corniel also inched one notch up the ladder with a win over Jose Freires (Naish) outclassing the Brazilian rider in all facets of judging criteria. In the heat that followed, Julian Hosp (Best, Austria) was paired against RRD’s live wire Tomas Teixeira Gomes (Brazil), taking out the local kiteboarding bet with several regular to switched moves. Gomes went all out with huge and powered tricks but crashed heavily on a few landings and got knocked out.
The Austrian champ nailed some regular to switched mobes, front mobes and 313s to seal the win.

Heat #22 was an electrifying kiteboarding match between Alex Pastor (Naish,
Spain) and Alex Soto (Cabrinha, Dominican Republic) worthy of a semifinal round. The Spanish ace landed a regular to switched mobe 5, a huge kiteloop handle pass, a 313 and a blind judge with aerial handle pass. Soto equally matched his opponents moves with a mobe 7, switched mobe 5 and a big and powered KGB but gave up on speed while Pastor had more power with the heat ending in a 3-2 decision in favor of Pastor. Marc Jacobs (North, New Zealand) finally lived up to his hotshot new team member status and making waves at the PKRA defeated Madison Van Heurck (Naish, USVI) in the second set of the heat. The young lad from New Zealand had more variation and unleashed plenty of powered moves on both tacks grabbing the win from the young American.

Heat #23 became a closely-fought round of the Englishmen between Tom Court
(North) and Sam Light (Naish) who both performed extremely well in this heat. Both athletes showed superb kiteboarding from the start of the heat with Light throwing down a 313, slim, a huge kiteloob-backloop and a front to blind. Court went all out matching his opponent’s moves with a regular to switched mobe, front mobe, 313, blind judge, hasselhoff and a slim chance. Court claimed the win on A 5-0 judges decision with more power, variation and higher technical difficulty. Also in the same heat, North-sponsored Cesar Portas of Spain faced Dominican Republic’s Ariel Corniel (EH). It took the best out of Portas to defeat the PKRA Dominican champ who is probably one of the most energetic athletes on tour today.
Corniel stomped a mobe 5, non-inverted slim, a massive kiteloop handle pass, 313, a blind judge, a tail-grab back to blind airpass, pete rose and a toe side 360 off the kickers while Portas answered with a regular to switched mobe, regular to switched aerial back to blind airpass, regular to switched blind judge, a slim and a front mobe 5 to take the win.


Meanwhile, Brazilian Helio Cabrinha Da Silva (Gokite) defeated Rocky Chatwell (Crazyfly, US) with a regular to switched slim, blind judge with aerial handle pass and front mobe. Chatwell managed to land a kiteloop slim and front mobe but lost through technical difficulty. In the heat that followed, Alex Pastor (Naish, Spain) beat Jacobs who had to change kites in the middle of the game. Jacobs landed a blind judge with aerial handle pass, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, front side 360, hasselhoff and a late mobe. Pastor rode much better nailing a regular to switched mobe 5 and back to blind air pass plus a huge front mobe, a blind judge with aerial handle pass, 313, kiteloop 5 and a mobe to wrapped on the buzzer to take the win. In the second set, a closely fought heat ensued between Court and Portas with the North kiteboarder from UK winning the heat in a 3-2 decision. Court landed a powered slim, regular to switched mobe, a blind judge and 313 while Portas landed a regular to switched back to blind airpass, mobe, slim, 313 and a blind judge, plus while going for a front mobe 5, he landed two front mobes but with a fairly high kite angle.
Court’s powered tricks coupled with higher jumps gave him the win.

In Heat #27, Russian Petr Tyuskevich (Cabrinha) barely defeated Austria’s Michael Schitzhofer (Naish). The Austrian kiteboarder went all out nearly landing a mobe 7 and a front mobe 5 but Tyuskevich had more moves including a front mobe 5 that decided the game. In the last heat of the day, two Brazilian kiteboarders went all out against each other with varying styles to the delight of the crowd at the beach. Cabrinha da Silva went with bigger tricks but with a high kite angle while North kiteboarding’s Reno Romeu unleased several lower moves but high on technical difficulty and power.
Romeu got the judges vote with a regular to switched slim, mobe 5, 313, back to blind airpass and a huge front mobe.  Cabrinha Da Silva livened up the cheering crowd even further with his huge moves including a slim, mobe and a huge crash on his kiteloop slim.

Women’s Double

Germany’s Susie Mai (Cabrinha) took out Brazil’s Samantha Marin (Gokite) in heat #12 with a raley to blind, raley to wrapped and a front to blind.
Carol Homsi (North) also of Brazil went up against teammate Wiktoria Boszko
(North) in the same heat landing a handle pass but with only a raley and a front roll, she lost with less variation to Boszko who landed a raley to blind, raley to wrapped and a big kiteloop.

In the last heat of the day, Jalou Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) won against Cabrinha kiteboarder Victoria Soloveykina (Russia) in a 4-1 decision.
Langeree landed a krypt to surface pass, vulcan to surface pass, raley to blind and a big kiteloop while the young Russian stomped a krypt, front roll and a blind judge.

The men’s and women’s double event continues tomorrow starting at 13:00h after the 12:30 pm mandatory skipper’s meeting with six more matches for the women and eight for the men’s division.

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