…We crossed the border at 4:30 a.m. and proceeded to the toll road, driving along the road that hugs the border and then climbs the steep hill to the coast. As the road turns south and descends, less than a half a mile from the border and a couple miles from the toll road, we see blue flashing lights in the mirror. We were being pulled over. We knew the drill. Duke gave me all his cash except for $40 for the cop to pay the judge for whatever bullshit reason they said we were being pulled over for.

“Open the door, ” he said to me as I rolled down the window. I look to my right and saw a gun at eye level. “Open the fucking door,” he said a second time as he slammed the gun against my right temple and reached in and pulled the door open…

It is always important to remain vigilant while crossing into other countries, particularly third world countries like Mexico.  However benign a quick trip to Baja may seem, it is nevertheless imperative to follow safety guidelines.  Being prepared for anything is a prerequisite for international travel, as this Surfline letter demonstrates.