Blade Kites launched in 2007 and because of solid design and the help of pro rider Will James, has now become a well known brand wordwide. 2008 is right around the corner and the BLADE design team has put a lot of effort into developing the most updated and improved gear, concentrating once again on having the best kites on the market.

Blade will introduce 3 new kites in 2008: the Vertigo, the Beast, and a kite whose name is yet to be decided. One of the new features on the 08 kites is MAD (Multi-valve Airflow Distribution). This remarkable new system is intended for both riders who prefer a single inflation point as well as the ones who still love to inflate the struts separately. The kites come with the MAD system already assembled but in a matter of seconds the user can change the fittings to the old system again. An additional benefit is the no-hassle repair procedure. Everyone is familiar with the longevity and difficulty in repairing the common single inflammation systems. This system allows you to repair bladders as if this was a regular multi inflammation kite.

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