The beautiful spot of Guincho, Portugal, is set to host – from the 3th ( registration before 2pm event start right after ) to the 9th of September 2007, the Guincho Wave Masters World Cup, an event co-organized with our partner Realizar.

Following the first stage in Essaouira, Morocco, the African Mecca, the Guincho Wave Masters World Cup “Europeen Mecca” is the second leg of this year KPWT wave riding circuit and sure to be one of the highlights of the 2007 Wave Masters World Cup season with forecasts around 30 knots and 3 metres waves announced.

Indeed, the last edition 06 of this discipline proved very successfull, so this is with great pleasure that the KPWT team will descend upon Portugal and the spot of Guincho, which, besides offering all the required wave riding conditions for a pro-level competition. The opportunity for the top best pro kiteboarders to gain points and fight for the Wave Masters title.

During this event, the whole kitesurf world will be focusing on the best wave riders and their feats in these extreme conditions.

Jose Luengo (SPA),and Ainhoa Garcia World Champion 2006, will defend they World title.
His Spanish challengers Abel Lago, winner of the Essaouira wave Masters 07, Antoine Auriol and Vincent Tiger from France, Bruno Mello from Portugal third in Essaouira, among others, will do their best to show their talent in waves.

This contest will be also an opportunity to watch the portuguese wave riding style, with many local riders.
Moreover, the competing board presents some international riders worth being aware of : Clinton Bolton, Greg Thisse from South Africa among others .

As far as the women are concerned, we’ll probably have the thrilling pleasure to attend a new duel opposing Kirsty Lones (UK) vs. Ainho Garcia (Spain), and Kristin Boese (Ger). Unless the spanish Noelia Nuñez or Paloma Gerrero would turn this scheme upside down and create the surprises.

In the meantime, we invite the riders to pre-register on

After this event, Cumbuco – Brazil will host the next stage (15 000USD for the wave masters) and New Caledonia, the Final at Tenia (7 000USD) will also be a great highlight of the Wave Masters 2007 season 

Ranking Men after stage #01
1st Abel LAGO (SPA) | 1000pts
2nd José LUENGO (SPA) | 800pts
3rd Bruno MELO (POR) | 700pts
4th Carlos POMPO (SPA) | 640pts
5th Richard BOUDIA (FRA) | 580pts
5th Sebastien GARAT (FRA) | 580pts
5th Bernard HIRT (FRA) | 580pts
5th Greg THIJSSE (RSA) | 580pts
9th Antoine AURIOL (FRA) | 400pts
9th Clinton BOLTON (RSA) | 400pts
9th Tom HEBERT (NC) | 400pts
9th Pedro ROSADO (SPA) | 400pts
13th Christophe COLUSSI (FRA) | 320pts
13th Olivier DANSIN( FRA) | 320pts
13th Florian DAUBOS (FRA) | 320pts
13th Giuseppe ESPOSITO (ITA) | 320pts
13th Valentin FAYEMENDIE (FRA) | 320pts
13th Mohammed HAMAINI (SPA) | 320pts
13th Louis HUTTER (FRA) | 320pts
13th David JEHANNO (FRA) | 320pts
13th Boris JUDIN (SER) | 320pts
13th Thomas PARIS (FRA) | 320pts
13th Phil RICHMOND (UK) | 320pts
13th Steve VERALST (BEL) | 320pts
24th Yassine BOUCETA(MOR) | 224pts
24th Hamid BOUCETA (MOR) | 224pts
24th Bastien CHEDAL (FRA) | 224pts
24th Jeoren CHRISTIAEN (BEL) | 224pts
24th MichaëlDINCLAUX (NC) | 224pts
24th Eduardo FAJARDO (SPA) | 224pts
24th Soufiane HAMAINI (MOR) | 224pts
24th Fabien MORCANT (NC) | 224pts
24th Vincent TIGER (FRA) | 224pts
24th Hamada TITI (MOR) | 224pts
24th Erik VOLPE (ITA) | 224pts

Ranking Women after stage #01
1st Kirsty JONES (UK) | 1000pts
2nd Kristin BOESE (GER) | 800pts
3rd Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) | 700pts
4th Paloma GUERRERO (SPA) | 640pts
5th Helene BARRIERE (FRA) | 580pts
5th Aurelia HERPIN (FRA) | 580pts
5th Laurene ROBARD (FRA) | 580pts

PAST Wave Masters Champions 2006
Men, José Luengo (SP), Women, Ainhoa Garcia (SP)

Local Host : Camara Municipal de Cascais, Estoril , Junta de Turismo do Estoril.
Media Partner : Mega FM
Official Sponsor : Onda Wetsuits
Organization : Realizar
KPWT Partners : Wind Mind, Windguru

Wave Masters World Tour :