Strong wind conditions today in Dunkerque, with gusts up to 30kts for the first day of competition, permitting to launch freestyle man and woman brackets.
Not a surprise, Sebastien Garat (RRD) won all of his heats with spectacular moves in the final: back mobe 5, blind judge 3, a really powered front mobe, and lots of nice boards off, that made the difference versus Marvin St Requier (Takoon), French guy (2005 Junior World Cup Champion) who did very well for his first competition this year, with high handle-pass, back mobe, s-mobe, kite loop 3 and double s-bend.

Congratulations to Adrien Denis (Slingshot), the local guy from Dunkerque flysurfing club, who did well attending quarter finals and impressed us with big kite loops.

Regarding women brackets, 8 competitors on the first round, to finally find a usual final: Ainhoa Garcia (Airush) vs Helene Barriere (North), but this time Barriere made the difference with railey, krypt, downloop s-bend hooked in and a spectacular big kite loop, while Ainhoa had difficulties.
Let’s congratulate Esther Oud (North) for her first participation to the world tour, as the Dutch girl got on the podium for a nice 3rd place, sure we will see her again. Also Valentine Dufloo (North), the local girl, who didn’t have a lucky draw meeting Ainhoa in the first round.

Junior bracket and course racing are scheduled for tomorrow.