The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has a new website and system that rates instructors around the world. Their new system helps potential customers pick the right instructor in their area. Here is a news brief from the IKO site:

With so many great instructors out there how do you pick the right one? Well the IKO has found the solution. Taking a tip from popular online sites IKO has designed and developed online instructor ratings. With More than 3000 IKO trained instructors around the world, we thought it was best that you find out just how experienced and good they are. Now you can easily look up and sort instructors by country, name or even rating. This new tool brings instructor rankings into the new millennium. The IKO realizes its important to know and distinguish each instructor and their experience level, certification level, and rating provided by each student who learnt with the instructor.

By implementing this new tool, the IKO improves quality teaching and allows the instructor to improve himself.

How It Works:
Each student after an IKO course receives a feedback form by email and answers to few questions regarding the course, the instructor, safety and school organization.

The email is sent in various languages such as English/French/Spanish/Italian/German so any student can answer easily to the questions.

The rating displays the overall student feedback results since the instructors original certification.

To take a look at the Instructor Ratings page, just visit the IKO home page and click “Instructor Ratings” in the left menu. Or click here to see Instructor ratings now.

Please let us know your feedback about the new system HERE.