If you are looking for competition with a relaxed atmosphere, look no farther. Announcing the 1st Annual Great Lakes Kiteboarding (GLK) Competition at Tawas State Park – East Tawas, Michigan, on Lake Huron. Starting August 17th, GLK will be putting on a three day competition scheduled with boarder cross, big air, expression session, and sliders and kickers divisions. A boat at Tawas Beach Resort will run people across the bay to the competition area. Cost of the competition: FREE!

Where to Stay:

East Tawas State Park

Tawas Beach Resort

Timberline Resorts

More lodging options are available at the Tawas Bay Chamber of Commerce

If the wind is light or dead, there will be a number of activities available: GLK will have mountain boards, kite buggies, and wake kiting available. There will, of course, be plenty of grilling, chilling, and partying.

For more information, please contact:

Brian LeFeve:


John Wardwell:

Or vistit: