Crissy Field in San Francisco, CA, will soon welcome thousands of spectators and Big-Air Freestyle, Course Race, and BoarderX competitors during Crissy Kite Days, July 25-29, 2007. 
The five-day kiteboarding extravaganza kicks off with the first ever US Kite Course Nationals where intermediate to advanced riders are encouraged to turn out to experience this form of racing, now officially recognized by the US Sailing Association.  Who will be the first to claim bragging rights as the first US Kite Course Racing National Champion? Sponsored by the St. Francis Yacht Club, click here for more info and registration.

The event will also unveil what may be the biggest kiteboarding ramp seen to date. Using two diesel pumps, organizers at Confluent Entertainment have engineered a jump that pumps water to the top and creates a steady flow on the surface of the ramp, allowing riders to load up their fins before boosting their best airs. All competitors are welcome with open qualifiers on Friday and Saturday before the main event. Click here for more info and registration. ht

Confluent has consulted with BoarderX course expert Neil Hutchinson to create the best possible course and provide an organized, efficient race event. A maximum of thirty-two riders will compete in separate heats of four riders as they jump over various kiteboarding obstacles and maneveur around marker buoys. If you can go upwind, check out this high energy, action-packed form of racing. Qualifiers will be held on Saturday.  Register Online here

Join pro and local riders Billy Parker, Kristin Boese, Stacey Fonas, Jason Slezak, Davey Blair, Jeff Kafka, Damien LeRoy, Madison Van Heureck, Dimitri Maramenides, and Oliver Govers for this fun-filled week of big air, racing, gear clinics, demos, music and parties in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Crissy Kite Days is free to the public and there will be plenty of room for you to kite with the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop. 
Special thanks to Best Kiteboarding, Flexifoil, and the St. Francis Yacht Club for their sponsorship and support as well as media sponsors, The Kiteboarder Magazine and Current TV. For daily updates on new riders, sponsors, parties and happenings, see
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