The Kite Masters Portimao World Tour 2007 in Portimao, Spain kicked off to an exhilarating start as the competition began under way in the beautiful and sunny Praia de Alvor in the southern coast of Portugal. The crowds were treated to two major kiteboarding events, the Kiteboarding Course Racing World Tour and the kitemasters freestyle event. Mexican Sean Farely (North) won the opening race for the men’s division while UK pride Stephanie Bridge won in the women’s race. The freestyle event was also a crowd-pleaser which was made more exciting with the mandatory inclusion of board-off and kiteloop moves for extra points.

The opening day was greeted with calm wind but clear sunny skies prevailed throughout the day with the temperature maxing out at 24° Celsius (75.2° F). By the afternoon, the wind started to pick up speed coming from the southwest peaking around 18 knots (4 bft) before changing directions by 4 pm, just in time for the start of the first race.
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