The Jimmy Lewis Demo Tour will be in California July 26th through August 6th. During that time period, Jimmy Lewis and crew will be road tripping the California coast between San Francisco and San Diego letting everyone try the new ’07 Jimmy Lewis Kite, Surf, and Standup Paddleboards for free.

A native of California, Jimmy is stoked to be headed to California for this trip. Jimmy Lewis and Trip Forman will be piloting the van along the California coast looking for the best conditions to ride their boards. Want to take a session ?? Call (252)-305-6596.

Try all the 2007 Jimmy Lewis Kiteboards, Surfboards and Standup Paddleboards at these locations:

Saturday, July 28th: 3rd Avenue, San Francisco (Kite/Standup)

Sunday, July 29th : Pleasure Point, Cowells Beach (Surf/Standup)

Monday, July 30th : Pleasure Point, Cowells Beach (Surf/Standup)

Tuesday, July 31st : Cambria, Central Coast (Kite,Surf,Standup)

Wednesday, August 1st : Santa Barbara Area (Surf, Standup)

Thursday, August 2nd : Santa Barbara Area (Surf, Standup)

Friday, August 3rd : Leadbetter Beach and C-Street (Kite, Surf, Standup)

Saturday, August 4th : Malibu Area (Kite, Surf, Standup)

Sunday, August 5th : Malibu Area (Kite, Surf, Standup)