The replacement for the Waroo Pro the Nemesis HP is being worked on as we speak, the new kite is Ez-pump equipped with a simplified LE access valve, no screwing.. The front bridle configuration has been completely revised to give much faster turning and more depower from less bar travel without sacrificing any of the stability.

The Hybrid Cuben/Dacron LE structure has been revised to maximise turning potential and give lighter bar pressure with a greater resistance to back stall. The Nemesis HP will be the definitive big boosting fast flying SLE just like the old Waroo Pro was, but the new kites have inherited a huge dose of fast turning from the lower aspect Bularoo design making it a better all round choice for riders who want the ultimate performance and ease of use.

Best Kite Designer Peter Stiewe will be at the coast near Figureas in Spain for the next 7 days before heading off to Fuerteventura for some serious high wind testing.

If you are in the area and see one of these flying, go over and try it out. Best wants your feedback!