This Week:
Dereck Camacho was born in Trinidad, grew up and Singapore and Hawaii, and lived in Antigua and Barbados before finally settling down in Florida. He is the founder of Kitescoop.com and started shaping surf and windsurf boards in college. He got hooked on kiting after seeing Dre and the rest of the local Antigua crew having a blast in wind conditions he couldn’t even go out in with his windsurfing gear.Dereck started shaping kiteboards about five years ago as he was too cheap to buy a production board to learn on when he didn’t even know what kind of board he needed. Today, Dereck owns DC Custom Boards which offers custom kite, wind and surf boards. He caters to riders that want a little bit extra out of their equipment, focusing on details that stoke one rider at a time. He has also been working with Paul Menta of The Kite House and Kent Marinkovic of Adventures Sports (Neilpryde, Cabrinha) on new course and speed racing shapes and designs to help give them a competitive edge.