Whether you are a pro, amateur or everyday Joe/Jane kiteboarder, this year’s Velocity Games in Corpus Christi, Texas, offers something for everybody. Scheduled for May 11-13, 2007, the games are offering riders the chance to win a piece of the $15,000 prize in three race disciplines:

BoarderX: The BoarderX is open to 32 riders on a first come, first serve registration basis. Contestants race each other in heats of four, while having to jump over various obstacles and around strategically placed marker buoys. If you have seen the recent Olympic Games and enjoyed the snowboarding BoarderX, then you will love this category of competition! The advantage of a Boarder X competition is there is no complicated judging. The first rider over the finish line wins! Last year, several local and visiting riders made it all the way to the semi-finals alongside the pros, but in the end, Shawn Richman came from behind and claimed victory


Freestyle: The Freestyle competition is open to 32 riders on a first come, first serve registration basis. Riders are challenged to throw down there best moves and are judged on technicality, big air and overall style.VgamesFreestyle.jpg
Course Racing: In its third season, traditional course racing for kites has made it to the Velocity Games. This event is open to 40 riders on a first come, first serve registration basis. Watch the entire fleet of competitors start, kite upwind to a mark close to the beach and finish the race, neck on neck on a long, downwind course. All competitors get to race; no heats or elimination rounds. Course racing is similar to the exciting BoarderX; there are no judges and the fastest person to finish the course wins. This new discipline has potential to become part of the Olympics in future years.

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If you can’t make the Velocity Games, you can catch the action LIVE as will be webcasting from the event. Asnews/TheKiteboarder Magazine will also be podcasting with competitors.

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