On the occasion of Red Bull Kite Punks, the world’s top kiteboarders challenged each other in a specially built kite park in La Manga, one of Spain’s most famous kiting spots. On the first two days, the athletes unfortunately didn’t get the chance to hit the obstacles and could only spend their time wakeboarding due to very bad weather conditions. On the next day however the wind finally came from the right direction and kicked off the very spectacular “punk” sessions. Supported by the entire Spanish kite scene, which had come to see the world’s best kiteboarders, the riders performed some amazing new tricks and pushed the level of kiteboarding to new grounds. At the end of the jam session contest, the riders, photographers and scene journalists voted for the most radical rider, who turned out to be Aaron Hadlow, once again defending his Red Bull Kite Punks title with his outstanding performance.

Ruben Lenten (Netherlands)
Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom)
Robert Neal Hilder (United Kingdom)
Leeshai Millar (Israel)
Greg Thijsse (South Africa)
Janek Koricky (Poland)
Rui Meira (Portugal)
Denver Saxton (USA)
Mario Romero (Spain)
César Portas (Spain)

1º Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom)
2º Ruben Lenten (Netherlands)
3º Robert Neal Hilder (United Kingdom)

For video of the event click hear!