Jeff Howard right before a afternoon session


Jeff Howard has had a long relationship with wind. An avid paraglider pilot, he was also heaviliy involved in power kiting and buggying before he got turned onto kiteboarding in the mid 90’s. In 1997 he hooked up with Sky High in Maui, helping the company design Airush products and accessories. Although he was encouraged to move to The Gorge or Maui to better test and tweak products, he instead moved to Corpus Christi, Texas in 2000 because of the consistent wind, variety of conditions, and reasonable cost of living. Jeff is the owner of ProKiteSurf and is also involved in R&D and distribution for Crazy Fly boards. The boards are just now starting to gain traction in North America. Jeff also runs the Portland Kite Jam (Texas, not Oregon:-), a weekend kiting event with demos, speed/freestyle/best costume competitions taking place March 31-April 1.

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Show #69

(51:59 Min. – 12MB)