PKRA Organizer Mauricio Toscano
This Week:
Mauricio Toscano, a former Olympic Windsurfer, has been kiteboarding for the last 8 years. He became involved with the PKRA in 2001, when it was created. Mauricio was a competitor in the early days of Kiteboarding competitions when the German company BNC started a Kiteboarding World Tour. Unfortunately, BNC abandoned the riders in the middle of the tour and decided not to continue with it, leading to the creation of the PKRA.Mauricio was nominated to take charge of the association and has since invested countless hours on improving the tour, trying to make the best Kiteboarding competitions on earth.The tour started in 2002 with 5 stops and has grown to a record 11 stops this year, with prize money rising from $20,000 USD to some grand slam events this year with over $65,000 USD.