I am sure you all heard of our snowkite expedition across North Dakota “2XtM”. We’ve been working our tails off and things are starting to fall into place nicely. We have organized concerts, school & community presentations, snowkiting demos and more in all 6 stops along the route.

Check out our promotional trailer.
Tad has done amazing work on this, make sure to show some love in the feedback section.

We’re looking for some community support to supplement all of the national support we have received. Attached is a really nice one page summary of the project along with information on donating to the expedition. Please share this with your friends, neighbors, dogs, family, random strangers, Russian spies…

Special thanks to Tad, Eric, Jason S, Sam, Sean, Stephen, Scott, Steve, Kristina, Dan, Lydia, Paul, Gina, Grant, Mike and Jason M

Check out our rapidly developing website 2XtM.com.