Michael Giebelhaus, the founder of Kite-Line.Com got into the sport of kiteboarding in 1999 after being introduced to the sport of traction kiting and bugging.  His first board was a 2nd hand surfboard that was modified to include straps and his first kite was a Peter Lynn C-quad.  The sport was just getting started and most people had to create their own gear from the hardware store.

Kite-Line was created in early 1999 after seeing the potential of the sport and has quickly grown to become one of the largest dealers of premium brands.  The crew of Kite-Line is constantly testing gear, doing demos and attending industry meetings.  We operate out of the Columbia Gorge (Oregon) in summer months and in Baja, Mexico during the winter months.  The online store of Kite-Line.Com is open 24/7, 365 days per yer and ships orders worldwide on a daily basis.  Kite-Line offers lessons in both of these locations and has industry ties around the world if a customer wishes to have lessons somewhere else.  In addition, Kite-Line offers vacation packages to many exotic locations.