The California Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) is conducting its first-ever study of non-motorized boating in California. DBW is a State agency whose mission is to provide safe and convenient access to California’s public waterways, and leadership in promoting the public’s right to safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sound recreational boating. A major focus for DBW is to provide grants and loans for boating facilities such as launch ramps and marinas. As non-motorized boating activities have become increasingly popular in California and elsewhere, DBW is considering providing more support to this growing boating community. As a first step in further planning and potential support for non-motorized boating, DBW seeks to understand how many non-motorized boaters there are in California, the boats they own, and where and why they boat.


Relatively little is known either nationally, or within California, about non-motorized boats and boating, and DBW seeks input from non-motorized boaters. As part of the overall non-motorized boating study, DBW is conducting an “active-user” Internet Survey of non-motorized boaters. Those who boat regularly will have a better awareness of facility needs, will spend the most money on boating, and will have the best perspectives on how to improve non-motorized boating in California. The survey includes those who own or use canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats or rafts, small sailboats, row boats (shell, scull, dory, or driftboat), sailboard or kiteboard, or other non-motorized boats including those you might use as part of a club (e.g. outrigger canoes).

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