Name: Ben Wilson best known for his pioneering spirit and masterful skill in kitesurfing.                                                          

Country: Australia

Style: Kitesurfing

Quiver: LINK kites and the SRT surfboard


Name: Ruben Lenten dubbed the Dutch destroyer redefines what POWER and precision riding are all about.

Country: Holland

Style: Freestyle

Quiver: Fuel kites and the Misfit 126 board


Name: Jeff Tobias returning from a year off the water is now back stronger than ever ready to blow minds once again!

Country: USA

Style: All Around

Quiver: Link / T2 kites and SX / SRT boards


Name: Mark Doyle spending most of his days between Brazil and the USA teaching others all of the freestyle moves he help to innovate.

Country: USA

Style: Freestyle

Quiver: LINK / T2 kites and the Misfit 136 board

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