The great waveriding competition that is being held in Mauritius, at the Morne is taking place under extreme conditions. As witnessed by the growing pile of shredded kites, snapped boards, and piles of spectra spaghetti gracing the lawn of the beautiful Indian Hotel and Resort at Le Morne, the conditions during the first week of the inaugural Mauritius Kitesurf competition/expression session could only be described as “world class” with competitors pushing their equipment and themselves to the maximum.… !
Sunday September 24th witnessed moderate winds and huge swell in what were undoubtedly some of the largest, longest waves ever kitesurfed. Grant “Twiggy” Baker, the South African surfer spent 5 hours on the One Eye without difficulties and riding the biggest series of the day. Locals and organisators Patrick Desvreaumigny and Laurent Lebolloch have also had their soul with grace and energy till the end bowl before kicking out.
Moday 25th september : conditions solid waves and conditions a bit softer than Sunday’s…
Martin Vari, by all reports, was getting the most barrels of any rider, pulling in with a stylish backhand approach on a 6 foot yellow towboard. Although paying his dues with several spectacular crashes, he made it through many of the winding bowls to the amazement of photographer Stephane Fournet during the watershooting and videographer, Elliot Leboe.
Airrush’s Felix Pivec and Pete Peterson were out to prove that even with the extremely offshore conditions prevalent at one eye, it was still possible to ride unhooked. And prove it they did with some of the best top to bottom combos of the event.
Oahu’s John Amundson began Wednesday by pulling into a sickeningly late full-speed backhand closeout. “It looked like it was going to be wide open”, he was overheard telling fellow competitors. Despite the full scale yard sale, which saw his kite completely ripped in half, and a full scale mashing by the second wave of the set, he returned an hour later to score some great waves, including several legitimate in and out barrels on one eye’s tricky end section.Jamie Herraiz, who began the week jetlagged and suffering from a stomach infection, along fellow North R&D’er Sky Solbach put in consistent backhand performances with their next generation hybrid/flat kites, consistently stepping up their levels with each wave caught. .
For the latest on the comp and all about Mauritius, listen to the Podcast LIVE this Thursday with John Amundson, reporting from the field.