The Kitesurf Teams World Cup is taking place in Flecherias, Brazil, a small fishing village just north of Taiba, at the Hotel Solar das Velas. The town boasts magnificent dunes, rich vegetation, warm temperatures and perfect seas with wind nine months of the year. The competition format consists of teams of three riders participating in three separate disciplines that encompass all aspects of a kiteboarding competition: course racing, best trick performance and waveriding. Teams are grouped by kite brand, and are required to have three people with at least one female rider. Four teams, two from Best Kites, Pro Team Best and Dream Team Best, as well as North – Team Rebel and Flexifoil – Team Fusion, are geared up and eager to pursue the $20,000 USD in prize money, with $10,000 distributed to the first place team, $7,000 to the second, and $3000 to the third.

Day 1 Results Coure Race:
1. Pro Best Team
2. Rebel (North)
3. Dream Best
4. Fusion (Flexifoil)

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