Carlo from Ikiteboarding has provided some very unbiased, reviews in the past. His latest review is on the Slingshot Link. Below is his conclusion. See for the full report!

Conclusion Excerpt from

The Slingshot Link broke a lot of limitations that we have come accustomed to with bow kites. It’s got C shape kite performance with bow safety and depower features – the best of both worlds. Sadly, it doesn’t have the instant relaunch abilities of bow kites, but there is a 5 line option which gives adequate relaunch abilities, and you can convert between the 4 and 5 line configuration whenever you choose to do so.

Line winders on the control bar would have rounded the bar off nicely. However, the bar performed well without having to use pulleys – depower was available well within arm’s reach and the bar sat well in our hands.

What makes the Slingshot Link stand out from the crowd is it’s remarkable handling characteristics – it’s got the best performance of any bow kite that we have flown so far, minus the bar pressure, unhooked problems and slow turning speed. The Slingshot Link is a very enjoyable kite to fly. Put it in the air and you will know it’s a fuel with bow depower. The Alfa Romeo of kites if you like.