Offshore Odysseys is seeking a professional, flexible, and adventurous chef to join “The BEST Odyssey”, a world kiteboarding/ sailing/ surfing/ spearfishing expedition on a 60′ luxury catamaran. We seek an applicant:

  • Who is flexible, resourceful, and creative with their cooking- able to provide High Quality meals for up to 10 persons efficiently . . .often under the restraints of very remote locations.
  • Has a keen appreciation for the earth and protecting the environment.
  • Responsible for provisioning the yacht for extended cruising (food, alcohol, consumables) and keeping a perfectly clean & tidy galley.
  • Expected to assist with other aspects of Yacht maintenance & upkeep (minimal)
  • A Non Smoker

“Bonus” for any of the following:

  • Experienced blue water sailor
  • PADI (or equivalent) Divemaster or Instructor qualifications
  • Experience in preparation of many different types of ethnic foods (especially sushi and Indian!).
  • Ability in kiteboarding and/or surfing instruction
  • French, Italian, German, Spanish language skills

In terms of finances and contracts, we will be asking for a full year commitment (12 months paid) with salary dependant on prior experience and ability in the region of $2500 US per month (no taxes) with medical coverage. You will receive no less than 1 month off each season, in addition to considerable time off between guest trips (see our website) and 1 paid return flight (not to exceed $2,000 US) each year. There will be a 90 day review period upon boarding. Of course- you can kite and play whenever you have time!

This expedition will last 5 years, and begins January, 2007. We are a young and experienced crew and take every opportunity to kiteboard, surf, spearfish and play, however applicants need to understand that this is a very dedicated position- food prep and provisioning for extended periods with 6-10 people is a huge undertaking. The vessel is owned by a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about exploration by sail, and these are our “clients”. We don’t wear uniforms, we have a lot of fun, but we are professional and our chef will have high standards for food and its presentation. Applicant must be ready to commence duties by mid-December. Our first year itinerary includes 5 months in the Caribbean, a Panama Canal transit and another 5 months in the South Pacific, including many very remote locations. For all details, please visit our website:

If you are interested in this position, please send an enquiry via our contact page. We will then give you a private email address where you can send a cover letter, CV, typical one week menu, and personal photo. We expect a great many applications- make yours stand out!

Applicants WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if you do not review the website first (to get a full understanding of the undertaking) and if you do not have experience on yachts.