Ten of the world’s best kitesurfing wave riders have converged on the island of Mauritius for a 15-day competition. Pro rider John Amundson joins us this week to fill us in on the competition happenings, the riding conditions in Mauritius, some style myths that have been dispelled during the event, the possibility of a North American Pro Waving Riding Tour next year and more.

There’s a reason why North, RRD and F.One did their 2007 catolog shoots in Mauritius and why this island in Southern Africa, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, is becoming so popular. Find out why this Thursday, October 5 and ask your questions live.

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Date: This Thursday, Oct 5, 2006
Time: 6p PST, 8p Central, 9p EST
Place: http://lostcherry.com/lounge.php?l=1293

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Image: John Amundson/Lens: John Bilderback