The snow is already dumping in Colorado with snowkiters getting in their first winter sessions and the resorts opening up two weeks ahead of schedule. Colorado local and snowkite pioneer Paul Macaj, aka Motz, joins ASnew.net this week to give us a sneak peak into his new snowkite DVD 20/10, filmed in Colorado, Montana and Utah. Motz was one of the first snowkiters in the US in 1998. He will share with us why his personal preference is C-kites for snowkiting, along with some other tips that he has learned along the way.

Got a question for Motz about snowkiting, gear or filming? You can get your questions answered REAL TIME during ASnews.net’s live interview this Thursday! All you need is a Cherry Tap account (formerly LostCherry.com) to log into the Asnews.net Lounge. There, you get your questions answered immediately by Motz, share and voice your opinions, or just sit back and enjoy the broadcast.

When: This Thursday, November 2, 2006
Time: 6pm PST, 8pm Central, 9pm EST
http://cherrytap.com/lounge.php?l=1293 (new URL, please change if you have bookmarked previously)

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