Many of you pass through Hood River and the Oregon Coast and probably have great photos! Check out the Best Photo Contest at You don’t have to be a local to participate and you could win some great Slingshot gear and prizes!

This year, they are adding a video and best wipeout / most wacky photo
category. So the categories will be:

2006 Best NW Kiteboardng Action Photo – Professional Photographers
2006 Best NW Kiteboarding Action Photo – Amateur Photographers
2006 Best NW “Kitescape Photo” – Professional Photographers
2006 Best NW “Kitescape” Photo – Amateur Photographers
2006 Best NW Kiting Wipeout/ Wacky Photo – All
2006 Best NW Kiteboarding Video – All

Kitescape = A photo showing one or many kite(s) and rider(s) together,
along with a landscape backdrop.

Professional = Any photographer that has sold photographs for money.

Main rules are:

– Photo must be taken from the Pacific Northwest
– Photo must be kiteboarding based
– Photo must be taken in the year 2006

Contest format:

– Photos will be submitted between October 24th and January 1st on this thread.
– Finalists will be picked by pkh and presented January 2nd.
– Public voting on winners begins January 2nd and will run until the winter party (mid January.) Voting will be hidden this year so
it will be a surprise who wins.
– Winners will be given some killer schwag / gear from Slingshot at the big party!

Remember its all about fun and getting people stoked through the long
winter months! So go ahead and post any photos you think are good.

There’s no limit to submittals per photographer so post post post!
Remember to resize to 800 pixels or under on the width/height and keep
file sizes under 256kb.