From Sept 23 through October 10, many of the world’s best kitesurfers are in Mauritius for a new formatted type competition where they judge each other. Elliot Leboe is there from ACL productions, filming the entire event and will soon have a DVD out which showcases the island, people and competition. List of participants includes:
1. Martin Vari Argentina
2. Jaime Herraiz Spanish
3. Sky Solbach American
4. Bertrand Fleury French
5. Grant Baker South African
6. John Amundson American
7. Peter Peterson South African
8. Felix Pivec Australian
9. Will James British
10. Jeff Tobias American

ASNews.net hopes to podcast with some of the riders next Thursday, Oct 5. We are trying to work out the logistics now. In the meantime, enjoy this image of Will James at One Eye from Sunday Sept 24. Sweet!!!

photo credit: Stephane Fournet

source: flysurf.com, kiteforum.com