ASNews.net has been on a short break setting up the new Ring Media KITE HOUSE in Corpus Christi (more in the Nov/Dec06 Issue of The Kiteboarder), putting together The Kiteboarder 2007 Calendar and Towsurfer.com’s Liquid Mountains Big Wave Surf Calendar and trying to squeeze the last bit of non-rubber riding in this summer!Starting next week, we will be resuming our weekly podcasts where you can ask our guests questions REAL TIME or post your questions here at kiteforum.com.Upcoming guests include:

  • Corky Cullen from Liquid Force: Are surf specific kiteboards under 5′2" useless? Find out what the former pro windsurfer, pro kiteboarder and director of sales of Marketing for LF has to say, along with LF’s new products coming for 2007, including their new baby THE HAVOC.
  • Ruben Lenten’s back in the action and just won the PKRA best trick contest in Tarifa. Ruben will talk about Slingshot’s new 07 FUEL, what tricks he’s working on and what his plans are for the new year.
  • Windwing is back in action with two new kites and a new control bar. Windwing’s Boardin Bob Wendler will fill is on what’s happening with the company and the new products coming down the line
  • Reigning PKRA king Aaron Hadlow will join us on ASNews.net to fill us in on his favorite riding locations, how he trains and what’s in store for him and Flexifoil in 2007.
  • The best kite wave riders in the world are converging on Mauritius for a big wave riding contest. Find out more about this island paradise as we talk to the competitors and the new competition format of the organizers.

If you have a subject or product you’re dying to know more about or a personality you’d like to know more about, email marina@theringmedia.com with your suggestions!