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Get Lit: Photos in the Field


Brazilian photographer Andre Magarao talks shop on making images

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PHOTOS: New Wainman Hawaii Carrot Control Bar


We've had a number of people contact us asking for photos of the new 2012 Wainman Hawaii Carrot Control Bar. We grabbed a few images at Surf Expo in Orlando and here they are!

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Two Days in Santa Cruz

Josh "Cornfed' Nehf

With no wind anywhere nearby, I found myself starting to go a little stir crazy in the office, so I sent an email to Brendan Richards to see what the conditions in Santa Cruz had been like lately.

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GET FOCUSED: Shoot Better POV Photos and Videos

Photo Jim Stringfellow

Today, it seems like almost every kiteboarder out there owns a GoPro camera and an assortment of mounts, which has made it possible for anyone to capture interesting photos and video while they ride.

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Slingshot 2010 Skud Skimboard Analyze This Board Review

The Scud is a skim board, and it rides like one. Even with the center fin, the Scud is loose. If you try to ride this board like you would ride a twin tip or surfboard, be prepared to slide around all over the place.

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Photos: Pismo Beach Riding After the KiteXpo

Of course, as soon as the 2010 Pismo Beach KiteXpo was done, the wind turned back on.

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