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Tkb Review: 2016 CRAZYFLY Raptor


A solid performer, skatey or locked, your choice

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Tkb Review: 2016 CARVED Imperator


A classy, ultra light board that cuts through chop like a hydrofoil

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Tkb Review: 2016 CABRINHA Ace


A high scoring, chop dampening, all around freestyle performer

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Tkb Review: 2016 AXIS Vanguard


New rail design delivers carving turns and cushy landings

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Tkb Review: 2016 AXIS Limited


A fun, all around, get-crazy performer

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Tkb Review: 2016 AXIS Division


Delivers next level load and pop

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Tkb Review: 2016 AIRUSH Apex


Cuts through the water like a Swiss Army knife

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Tkb Review: 2016 AIRUSH Switch


A buttery smooth ride offering explosive pop

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Kite Across the Bay 2016 Melbourne, AUS

Across the Bay 2016

Kite and help beat cancer at Australia's largest wind sport challenge

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Don’t Crack Under Pressure


Without the scare it's not as much fun

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Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.18.03 AM

A chilly day frozen in time

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2016 SAKA National Championships 5-Star – Cape Town

2016 SAKA events poster

Second stop of the Summer Kiteboard Series

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Former VKWC/PKRA Tour and IKA Still at Odds


PKRA and VKWC now World Kite Tour sanctioned by World Sailing

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TKB Review: 2016 AIRUSH Lithium


The kite that testers loved for doing it all

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Tkb Review: 2016 CAUTION Spitfire


Back in black: Stable, fun and dominating Santa Cruz

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