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Designer’s Corner: Best Nemesis NXG 2010

I had taken the Nemesis HP design as far as it would go. I simply couldn’t make it jump higher, ride faster or deliver more power, so we had to look at other ways of improving it.

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Designer’s Corner: Eclipse Surge 2010

The Surge is a completely new design within a traditional C-kite geometry.

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Designer’s Corner: Caution Mayhem X 2010

We kept the name the same for the 2010 model, but made significant changes to the profile and wingtips, making some serious gains in efficiency and control.

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Designer’s Corner: Liquid Force CPR 2010 Control System

Liquid Force has designed a completely new safety and control system to go with its 2010 lines of kites. We spoke to LF kite designer and pro rider Julien Fillion to find out about the company’s new CPR control system.

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Designer’s Corner: RRD Obsession 2010

The Obsession was already a great kite, so we focused on small details to improve its overall performance.

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Designer’s Corner: Naish Helix 2010

We had to live up to the hype from the previous edition as many customer were telling us that we should not mess with it. However, we did introduce a new foil profile on this kite that has proven itself to increase turning speed and overall efficiency.

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