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  • 0410-brunotti-riptide-327

    Climbing the Ranks

    This young Dutch rider is making her mark with powerful style and explosive energy. ...

  • alex-pastor

    Alex Pastor: Raw

    A world champion's long journey back from injury to competition ...

  • wave_12

    Kitesurfing Barrels

    From Oregon to Indonesia in search of the perfect wave ...

  • vincent_bergeron_4556

    Feel the Echo

    Brandon Scheid teams up to produce his own pro-model freestyle board for 2015 ...

  • Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.28.51 PM

    Barrels on Barrels

    Reo Stevens shows us that it's not an Indo kite edit without getting barreled ...

TKB Trick Tips: S-Bend

The S-Bend is a combination of the raley and front roll. This is a very basic unhooked kiteboarding move.

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VIDEO: TKB Trick Tips: The Raley

The Raley is one of the easiest unhooked moves to do in kiteboarding and is a building block for many more advanced moves.

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VIDEO: TKB Trick Tips: Back Roll to Revert

The Kiteboarder Magazine takes you through the Back Roll to Revert, a move that can easily add a bit of flair to your switch stance riding.

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VIDEO: New Videos From Dimitri and Cameron Maramenides

Here are to new videos from Epic Kiteboarding father and son duo Dimitri and Cameron Maramenides:

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VIDEO: Youri Zoon RECORDED: Episode 8 – Raw Material

In episode 8 a cover of clouds pull into South Africa, but that doesn't stop Youri from ripping hard at the Plettenberg Bay lagoon.

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VIDEO REPORTS: 2010 Triple-S

Check out these three video reports from The REAL Kiteboarding 2010 Triple-S

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VIDEO: Counterbalance

Check out this sick new video of Patrick Rebstock and Reed Brady.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Lewis Board Durability Test

Watch a Jimmy Lewes surfboard get run over by a car and get a look at the Jimmy Lewis factory.

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VIDEO: New Movie from Seb Garat

Like most of you already know, I spent all my winter time in New Calédonia. This year, I produced this small movie edited by Thomas Roger from Impule Films.

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VIDEO: Youri Zoon Recorded Episode 8

After winning the second place in the overall PKRA competition of 2009, Youri heads to South Africa. On a road trip he discovers that South Africa has more to offer than just the spots around the Cape Town.

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VIDEO: Red Bull Aaron Hadlow Video

To support the launch of the June Edition of Red Bulletin on Sunday 6th June and it’s new home with the Sunday Telegraph here’s Aaron Hadlow showing us his amazing Kitesurfing skills.

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VIDEO: Youri Zoon Recorded Espisode 6

The famous Cauipe lagoon nearby Cumbuco is where it all goes down.

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VIDEO: Youri Zoon Recorded Episode 5

It's a hard living. Dragging yourself to yet another beach or lagoon. Blistering heat, a mouth full of salty water and sand in your bed every night. It's just another day at the office for Youri Zoon.

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VIDEO: Broken Water Trailer

From Chase Burns: Hey crew check the trailer for my first movie-BROKEN WATER.

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VIDEO: Youri Zoon RECORDED: Episode 4 – The Injury

If you crash hard and often, you've got to pay the price. Youri shows how he paid his price and was injured for a long time.

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