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June 2008

*INSTRUCTIONAL: Annual Beginner to Advanced Guide *LAUNCH: Fresh-Water Waves *TRAVEL: When Everything Goes Wrong in Cozumel

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June 2007

*INSTRUCTIONAL: The Kiteboarder Handbook *TRAVEL: Exploring the West Indies on the Best Odyssey *INTERVIEW: Photo Gugu Stephen Whitesell

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April 2007

*TRAVEL: Island Hopping in the AEGEAN *INTERVIEW: Forum Face Off - The Forum Leaders *TRAVEL: Dominican Republic: Cabarete Rediscovered

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December 2006

*TRAVEL: Behind the Scenes in Turkey *GEAR: Pimp Your Ride *TRAVEL: The Australian Diaries: A Journey to the Edge

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October 2006

*INSTRUCTIONAL: Try This: Downloop Turns, Riding Unhooked *TRAVEL: Destination Dreams: Barbados, Queen Charlotte's, St. Lucia *INSTRUCTIONAL: Wave Theory with Top Hat and Pivec

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May 2006

*INSTRUCTIONAL: The Kiteboarder Academy *TRAVEL: South Coast Winds Exposed in Corpus Christi *TRAVEL: The Brazil Sessions

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