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The Kiteboarder is committed to long form, literary journalism for its insightful and artistic exploration of the fascinating people and important events that make enthusiasts so passionate about the sport. The large format of the magazine allows us the space to pursue our topics in depth and publish content that weaves together well thought out narrative and generously sized photos. Our mission is to engage participation and inspire stoke in our audience by examining the broader context of the people, places and events that make kiteboarding so unique. The difference is apparent from the very first time readers pick up or download our publication with stories that are presented in clean, readable layouts rather than a cluttered magazine full of ads and trendy design elements.

TKB also publishes supplemental digital magazines focusing on gear, instruction, and seasonal travel so that kiteboarders can readily can get this type of information all in one place rather than little tidbits disbursed in magazines throughout the year. Combined with our special events and other electronic efforts, we offer multiple ways for riders to get their kiteboarding news and entertainment.

WHO IS TKB? Meet the Crew.

Brendan Richards, Editor

BCR-HEADSHOT-2Brendan started windsports at an early age with competitive small boat racing throughout his youth in Northern California. Brendan began windsurfing during his freshman year at University of Hawaii, but he completed his first jibes and his business degree in Boston.

Originally a skeptic of kiting, Brendan hesitantly packed a quiver of unused kites on a windsurfing trip to Tarifa, Spain, in 2001, making what he regards as a haphazard choice that has proven to be the most influential decision of his life. Upon his return to the Central Coast of California, Brendan became a fixture of the Santa Cruz kitesurfing community as well as a team rider and later head of marketing for Santa Cruz-based Caution Kites. In those years Brendan contributed to The Kiteboarder Magazine as both a photographer and a writer.

Brendan enjoys any kind of surf, freestyle if the water is warm, and will travel even if it involves sleeping in board bags, small uncomfortable rental cars, or the cold hard ground.

Gary Martin, Technical Editor

Gary is a true “wind and waterman.” He started surfing and sailing as a young boy, then got hooked on windsurfing in his twenties. In 1998 he taught himself to kitesurf with a Wipika 2-line kite and a 7’ directional that Jimmy Lewis shaped for him. The kite had no depower or safety systems and yet he was instantly hooked and has never looked back.

Gary is one of the founding fathers of TKB. He has been our Technical Editor and a senior staff writer from the beginning. With his vast experiences and knowledge of wind and watersports, Gary brings a down to earth approach to the technical aspects of kiteboarding. An original OG still charging waves, chasing the wind, and enjoying life, Gary is proud to be a husband, father, and grandfather. When you first meet him don’t let that stern, focused look fool you.If you want to talk kiting he’s all smiles.

Alexis Rovira, Editor at Large

Having lived a large portion of his early life in the Caribbean and South America, Alexis’s passion for watersports developed at an early age. A keen surfer since his youth along with his love of sailing led him into being a competitive windsurfer for a time. Alexis saw kiteboarding as the next evolution in windsports and quickly made the transition.

Alexis has filled the roll of Editor at Large position since TKB’s inception. He brings over two decades of surf industry experience and knowledge. Alexis has been a positive force in progressing the magazine into what it is today. You will most likely see him unhooked and strapless playing in the waves unless there’s a feature in the water and then the boots come on.

Amy Robb, Online Media Manager

Amy comes to The Kiteboarder Magazine with a professional background in marketing and communications. For nearly a decade she worked in university systems in Oregon before leaving her career in 2008 to become a full-time ocean junkie. Originally intending to sail from the Pacific NW to Mexico, she sold her boat in 2009 and ventured south with a camper and quiver of kites instead.

Amy has a BA in English and a graduate degree in Education and Intercultural Communication. She’s currently hanging her hat on the east coast, working on a variety of photography projects, and catching sessions when the wind blows in her favor.



Shana Gorondy, Art Director

Shana graduated from Flagler College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. As the current Art Director of The Kiteboarder Magazine, her job for the past five years has been to produce a kickass, stunning magazine.

Shana is also partners in a mid-century and accessory business, Junk2funk.

The company was recently thrust into the spotlight when Shana and her business partner won the reality TV show Picked Off.

In her free time, which isn’t much, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and dancing.

Marina Chang, Publisher

After working various marketing management positions for 12 years and avidly paragliding for 10, Marina was looking for a new challenge and traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2000 where she learned to kiteboard on Windtools Mosquito kites and old windsurf boards. One year later, she became a partner at Kitexcite in Cabarete and helped build the business from one instructor and one location to 18 instructors and two locations before moving back to the US in 2004.

Not sure if she wanted to put on suits again, she took a leap of faith and became a partner in The Kiteboarder when it had just one issue under its belt. As publisher, Marina is responsible for day to day operations, sales, promotions, and special events. Today, her suits are board shorts and neoprene and she couldn’t be any happier.

Paul Lang, Senior Contributor

Paul Lang first learned to kiteboard in 2000 when the sailing school he was working for decided to start teaching kiteboarding. After a few two-line kites and a picklefork twin-tip board showed up, Paul watched the classic kiteboarding instructional video How to Rip and has been trying to live up to the video’s title ever since.

After a chance email to The Kiteboarder’s former Editor in 2005, Paul began contributing stories and photos to the magazine on a part time basis and served as the magazine’s editor from 2010 to 2013. He has a BS degree in Recreation Administration (yes, that’s a real degree) and a background in watersports instruction and facility management.

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