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Winter Issue: El Nino This!





REVOLUTIONS – Ben Wilson returning to his roots in Namotu isn’t fate, just natural evolution, but when Ben’s kite heroes, Robby Naish and Pete Cabrinha, drop in and share a Cloudbreak reunion session it makes you wonder. Ben talks about his “awkward” phase and his return to surf and his Namotu roots.


CHILEAN CHANGE – Hood River’s Ken Lucas discovers the limitless possibilities of Santiago’s big mountain snowkiting terrain and endless left-hand breaks on the Pacific Coast, all in the same day. With friends like professional tow surfer Rafael Tapia and skiing legend Toni Sponar, Ken Lucas scores the best of both worlds.


ICELAND WIDE OPEN- The Exotikite cowboys leave the arid Baja landscape for a trip of a lifetime through Iceland’s endless pastoral backcountry, discovering a raw world of mist and color in Iceland’s untapped kitesurfing frontier. Iceland is an untapped kitesurfing heaven that’s wide open.


THE PRINCE OF CABO VERDE – The study of Mitu Monteiro’s transformation from a quiet island boy to a world traveling kitesurfing icon. Born in a small village on Cabo Verde 350 miles off the west coast of Africa, Mitu follows his heart deep into the world of professional kitesurfing.


DA GUZI – Santa Barbara’s Chris Gutzeit has a secret art career and it’s on the verge of exploding. Each Art Of Satori piece is a play of aesthetic materials, light and infinite perspective. We interview Chris on the early kitesurf scene in Santa Barbara and the ups and downs of art. Maybe it’s prime time to invest in a Gutzeit.


THE BEST OF BARRELS – Sometimes the images of perfection coming out of Indo are mind numbing, but when the hottest kitesurfers cross tacks in Indonesia and talk about it, we just can’t look the other way. Reo Stevens, Matt Elsasser and Jalou Langeree take us on a little trip to the best of barrels.


SETTING SAIL – Interview with Jen Jones and Wylie Watson on their all female Hood River brewed film project which combines lifestyle, kiteboarding and environmental awareness in one cinematographic piece of eye candy.

Get your copy of The Kiteboarder Magazine Volume 12, Number 4 or visit your local kite shop or school to pick up a copy today.

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