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Flexifoil Announces New Hadlow ID Kite

Flexifoil is proud to announce today the next step in the HADLOW range. The HADLOW ID is the 2nd kite from Aaron Hadlow, offering all kitesurfers from intermediate through to pro a step into the world and style of HADLOW.

This is a new kite in the HADLOW Collection and not a replacement of the Hadlow Pro. The Hadlow Pro will continue to be offered and supported into 2012 and continue to offer the ultimate C-kite performance.

Designed to sit alongside and complement the HADLOW Pro, the ID showcases improved depower and relaunch, suitable for freestyle, freeride, and wave riding, all while still retaining that classic C-kite feel.

Other kites may claim to do the same, but there is no other kite on the market that comes from such a pure lineage of C-kites and with its unique blend of its C-kite geometry and a host of intricate features, this kite truly is in a different class.


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