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Video: Killedthewind – Walk Above Water

killedthewind’s up-close-and-personal view of what it feels like to ride above the ocean (for those who don’t know). For those that do know, this is a film of progressive strapless surfing, kite wake-skating, and other shots to share the stoke.

Walk Above Water from killedthewind on Vimeo.

Cameras and edit: killedthewind
Athletes: mike/ktw, patrick r., james r.
Music: dave lee – you’re not alone, doves – catch the sun

More info about killedthewind here:
Riders-Match interview: bit.ly/​​ridersm
Vimeo profile: vimeo.com/​​killedthewind
KITEWORLD Magazine, killedthewind interview 2010: bit.ly/​​kiteworldinterview
Website: killedthewind.com

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