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TKB PODCAST: Aaron Hadlow

[audio: http://thekiteboarder.com/podcasts/aaron-hadlow-4-2010.mp3]

This week, our special guest on The Kiteboarder podcast is pro rider Aaron Hadlow. At just 21 years old, Aaron started on his path to becoming the five time world kiteboarding champion on the PKRA tour at 10 years old when he first started flying his dad’s kites.


Off the world tour in 2010 to pursue other interests and projects, Aaron joins us today to talk about why he decided not to compete on the PKRA Tour this year and tells about about his history in the sport, his views about the state of competitions, and what we can expect from him in the coming year.

Listen to the podcast by clicking play at the top of this post or subscribe to the TKB Podcast in iTunes here.

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